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LateNight Pics

Some moments captured during REVOs LateNight Expo!
credit: Tim Hussey

LateNight- Harlem Shake

No words needed…

REVO is for friends

Make new (and great) friends at REVO!

Fridays, 730-930pm

High Classy

There was something about him…

REVO, is fun(ny).

Random Joe- Tyler S.

Watch Tyler free-run and parkour all over the place!

filming: rj
editing: neil
action: tyler

SPECIAL thanks to Pinnacle Parkour academy for allowing us to film in their wonderful facility.

Random Joe- Eb S.

Watch Eb roll all over Pennsauken and Cherry Hill!
filming: rj
editing: neil
action: eb

Random Joe- Sophia S.

Watch Sophia bake her way out of any jam!
filming: rj + neil
editing: neil


These are the folks who help us help your kids.

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Posted in - REVO
on September 22nd, 2017 2 Comments

Connect. The. Dots…between God’s word and our lives! That is the goal of the 30+ minutes students spend in CTD every single Friday! We split the message into 2 parts (Message A: a realistic scenario …

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REVO Shuttle

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on September 27th, 2015 3 Comments

Because seats are limited, please RESERVE yours every Friday!
(NOTE: If there are no RSVPs for seats by 4pm on Fridays, the shuttle will not go to the pickup location)

The REVO Shuttle will be running through …

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Join Our Parent e-Newsletter!

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on April 6th, 2015 4 Comments

If you’re a parent of a REVO-aged student and want updates on events and news (‘REVO News!’), enter your email address in the field below and hit the “return/enter” key on your keyboard!

PARENTS, Subscribe to …

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