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Connect. The. Dots…between God’s word and our lives! That is the goal of the 30+ minutes students spend in CTD every single Friday! We split the message into 2 parts (Message A: a realistic scenario is presented and geared to allow students to answer questions and problem solve…Message B: a quick, to-the-point application of God’s word that is focused on the scenario in Message A.). In between Message A + B, we split students into CTD (small) groups. Students are broken up based on grade level, guys with guys and girls with girls. Currently, the grade level breakdown is 6th, 7th/8th, 9th/10th, 11th/12th. Each grouping has 4+ REVO Team members who lead it – same leaders each week! This enables students to process truths they’ve just heard from God’s word, ask questions about it, etc. And the continuity enables relationships to be built between students and their leaders.

Every Wednesday, the REVO Team members receive notes and suggested questions for the upcoming message, enabling them to walk in on Friday night prepared to lead the CTD time. We have found that CTD is a valuable part of REVO and our attempt to help “connect students to God + each other.”

In addition to Friday nights, the REVO Team is encouraged to spend time with students from their CTD group outside of REVO. The 2 hours we meet on a Friday are only a “drop in the bucket,” in terms of how many hours a week there are and how many influences speak into the lives of a student…Simply put, these are opportunities for students and leaders in a CTD group to continue building relationship – which is necessary for discipleship – outside of Friday nights.

If you’re a parent, and you want more info on CTD, contact us!

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  • Debbie - Reply

    December 15, 2017 at 2:41 pm

    Is revo Yuletide gathering at the cherry hill church? Can a visitor go? Please text me 6094102685. Thank you

    • revo_youth - Reply

      December 20, 2017 at 3:51 pm

      Hi! Sorry we missed your message! In the future, email us at revo@revoyouthchurch.com !!! And by the way, anything we do is open to visitors (as long as they’re in grades 6-12)!

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