Spy Games 2018

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Download the Spy Games Permission Form 2018 – every student NEEDS to bring one!

May 25, 7-10pm. Registration opens at 6:45pm…

Every several years, the nation – and/or its interests – come under attack. For some reason, the government has needed the help of teenagers, and usually those teens are from REVO. In years past, the students of REVO have helped the government solve crimes and defeat sinister plots of deviously enigmatic enemies. Sure, one time the students were unable to locate a foreign diplomat that had been kidnapped, but that’s in the past!
This year, a new nemesis has emerged. No one knows exactly what they’re up to yet, but you can be sure of a few things:
*the nation will be at risk
*the enemy will be deviously enigmatic, and
*it will be In Plain Sight…

Got questions? (Use “Spy Games 2018” in the subject line of your email.)

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